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The idea of this game is accurate simulation of wildlife processes, modeling interaction between all components of this complicated system - predators, herbivores and vegetation - each with their unique properties and characteristics.

Wild animals hunt each other.  As the number of prey increased, predators population also have good conditions to grow. Finally they can exterminate much of the preys and thus damage their own food base. The process can finally come to some steady balance, or to convergent or divergent fluctuations, depending on different parameters.

Grazing of herbivores is another essential process in our wildlife modeling.  As the density of animals increased, vegetation begins to dwindle. Finally, it becomes impossible to feed the population, which leads to its reduction.

Work is in progress, we need your feedback about the concept and any ideas!

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WS.zip 83 MB

Install instructions

  1. Unzip
  2. Run "WildlifeSanctuary-PreAlpha.exe"